Digital X-Rays & Thermal Imaging

Digital X-Rays & Thermal Imaging
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The benefits of digital x-rays for chiropractic care

Digital x-rays use sensors instead of traditional photographic film. Advantages include time efficiency through bypassing chemical processing and the ability to digitally transfer and enhance images.

X-rays are one of the most amazing innovations in medicine for helping patients feel better after injury or illness. They allow doctors to see inside of a patient’s body without having to perform any kind of exploratory surgery. X-rays are a diagnostic tool that can help your doctor find the correct treatment plan more quickly.

Digital X-Rays help with the following:

  • Quicker diagnoses
  • Less exposure to radiation
  • More individualized chiropractic treatment plans

Thermal Imaging (Thermography)

Thermography allows doctors to detect thermal abnormalities in the spine which can indicate the early onset of issues. Since these thermal abnormalities occur earlier than other symptoms would begin to present, doctors are able to intervene sooner.

About Spinal Medical Thermography:

Thermography is the measurement of temperature variations at the body surface. Changes in temperature indicate disease processes. Finely tuned technology can find abnormalities in human wellness long before the body’s sensory organs can identify them.

We use offer Spinal Thermography to help patients with spinal health maintenance and for diagnosis. This cutting edge technology sets us apart from other practices.

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